Install Vesta Panel on Linux OS

The Vesta panel is one of the widely used web hosting control panel like CWP panel. Unlike cPanel and CWP, the Vesta panel can be installed on most of the Linux based operating systems like Centos, Ubuntu, Debian etc. This is completely an open source panel and you need to pay for getting their support if needed. 

Installation is straight forward and the steps are the same in all OS platforms:

  1. Log in to the server via SSH as the root user.

  2. Download the Vesta installation script from their official website:
    #curl -O
  3. Run the script:
  4. Please wait for 10-15 minutes to complete the installation. Once the installation is over, you will get the login details on the terminal itself. The default port is 8083. So the link would be like:

    Either you can use the root logins or the logins you are getting after completing the installation. 

    Click here to watch the Video Tutorial for the same

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