Backup and Restore cPanel Accounts via SSH

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a. How to create a backup of a cPanel Account via SSH?


1. Log-in to the SSH as the Root user.

2. Since it will be a time-consuming task, it is better to run it on screen.  

3. Enter the following command string on the command line interface:


/scripts/pkgacct username


The account backup will be created in the current directory you are in. So please try to run the command from a directory in which the partition has enough free space available. 


b. How to Restore a cPanel Account via SSH?


Log in to the server via SSH and enter the following command from the directory in which the backup files are located.


/scripts/restorepkg username


If the backup file name is not in the standard cPanel format(eg: cpmove-username.tar.gz), you need to specify the filename/path with the command like below:


/scripts/restorepkg username /home/backupname.tar.gz


If the cPanel account is already created on the server and you are running the restoration later, you might need to use the force option as well.


/scripts/restorepkg --force username /home/backupname.tar.gz

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