MySQL Auto Backup

There are servers those don't have any hosting control panels and hosting websites and databases in it. Here I am describing a simple way to set up an auto backup solution for the databases configured on the server.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a directory to store the backup files on the server. Here we are using /backup.

  2. Create a small shell script with the DB username, password, backup location, backup name etc. 
    mysqldump -u root -pdbpass dbname>/backup/dbname-`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`.sql

    Here, you need to replace the username with the actual username and also provide the correct DB name and password instead of 'dbpass'. 

  3. Now we need to make it as an executable file:
    chmod +x
  4. It is better to run it using a cronjob in order to take automatic backups.
    #crontab -e
    0 0 * * *  sh /

    This will run once in a day. If you need to take more backups a day, you can adjust the cronjob accordingly. 


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