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If you notice one of the domain in your WHM installed server is doing some email spamming activities and you need to block his emails without suspending the account, you can follow these steps in your default Exim configuration.  This will make sure the normal email services are working and the block is placed for the domains listed in the block file. The steps are provided below:

  1. Login to the server as root.
  2. Create a new file:
    # nano /etc/eximblacklist
    You can add the problematic domain inside this file without quotes. Save the file after adding the domain(s).
  3. Then we need to make some edits with the main Exim configuration file.
    # nano /etc/exim.conf
    Add the following line in the first session just below the line 'cPanel Exim 4 Config'
    domainlist exim_blacklist = lsearch;/etc/eximblacklist
  4. After that, add the following under 'Routers Configuration' section:
    driver = redirect
    # RBL Blacklist incoming hosts
    domains = +exim_blacklist
    data = :fail: Connection rejected: SPAM source $domain is manually blacklisted.
  5. Save the file and then restart the Exim service:
    # service exim restart
  6. If you are finding more domains doing the spamming activities, you can simply add the domain name to '/etc/eximblacklist' and no further changes needed. 
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